A series of collaborative art and science residencies designed to create interdisciplinary platforms for people to consider, confront and articulate issues relating to the environment.

Co-curated with George Ttoouli and The Pod.

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Photo © Adele M Reed

River Poetry Walk


An urban river poetry walk designed and facilitated alongside poet George Ttoouli. 

Following the river Sherbourne, the walk included poems inspired by rivers from around the world as well as original poems exploring river disappearance in the face of climate breakdown. 

Nan Shepherd Night

Founder and producer

A recurring event celebrating the life and writing of Nan Shepherd. 

A themed dinner with Scottish music, readings of Nan’s work, as well as original performances. 

Winter Spells

Founder and producer

Part of an ongoing project that examines the hag figure through ritual and poetry. 

Part of a residency with The Pod Cafe and Food Union.