Filles du désert

Filles du désert is a performance celebrating the land, women and the wild. For half a century the Tremough Estate (now campus) in Penryn was home to a convent school run by the Filles de la Croix. Their teachings were centred on the spiritual and pastoral care of the students, teaching them the value of the land and using the food harvested to nourish those who took residence at the school. Filles du désert explores the body and land as an archive full of stories and histories, each one connected and alive.

Like moons are made, like dust we fade

A performance experience for one person at a time. ‘Like moons are made, like dust we fade’ explores solitude as a veil between the internal and external and the plethora of ways available to connect these two worlds. But what happens when we feel unable to communicate and are forced to sit in solitude, unable to express? Like moons is a piece that conjures silence and playfully encourages communication through play and physical touch creating a safe space for sensory experience and storytelling. 

Suspended in gravity

An aerial art performance inspired by the poetry of movement and silence- the moon and gravity. The piece looks at one tiny moment suspended in space; the still, silence before the storm- a ritual dedicated to the moon and its tides. In an attempt to slow the pace of the chaotic and frantic, everything is held, suspended and time slows and it becomes possible to think and allow ourselves to let go and simply be in space together. 

'Whilst suspended it becomes possible to fully explore the extremities and imitations of the body through space in every direction; gravity is not only a force acting upon the body but a central partner in the dance through space.'

Blue meets blue

Blue meets Blue takes inspiration from the mythological character of Pasiphae.  Mother of the Minotaur and Ariadne and wife of King Minos, Pasiphae is punished by the gods for her husbands treachery. Taking the elemental themes of fate, love and language to create a performance specifically commissioned and made for the cliffs of Halzephron, Cornwall.

A great white bull came from the sea for me,

Blue meets blue but there is only silence…

I will inevitably bear a beast.”

Swan song for one

An intimate performance for one person at a time. Swan song for one is a site specific creation that explores the history of the dancehall space in which it is performed. Part guided meditation, the work is performed in a large white box and imagines that encapsulated inside the box, is the spirit of a beautiful white feather that has fallen from the boa of a man performing on a stage in a wartime dancehall. The presence of a woman is felt although she is never seen, it is her voice, soft and nostalgic that guides you through a series of images. Visions of swans drowning emerge, lovers written down on paper and then erased, a boa gently throttling until the feathers fall to the floor. 


A contemporary reinvention of the mythological being, Frigg, exploring the rituals that surround Christmas festivities in Britain.

Frigg (from the Norse myths) is reincarnated to tell her story of loss, grief and eventual triumph. Is she an ill omen or is she just here to have a good time? Adventus takes a closer look at the symbols and rituals embedded into our Western celebrations of Christmas and how these symbols and rituals are still at play today.


A durational exploration into forgiveness. Using the rituals of writing to cleanse the mind and forgive. The work invited participants to write and hang out notes of forgiveness, fill them with air and let them be carried away by the wind. The physical action of writing and hanging is used as a meditative experience to connect communities and place in an act of forgiveness and reconciliation. The city of Coventry and it's people has a long and important history as being a city of forgiveness and reconciliation and Ghosts is a celebration of that. If you would like to see the notes collected please visit the ghostnotes page along the task bar.