Adventus: Frigg

An experiment with some of the best ladies in the land: Adele M Reed and Rebecca Moroney. Using a Super8 camera and 8mm film Adele scanned every single negative and made them into this little film.  

Here's her website: 

Don't you love me?

Short film directed by Anna Hagen.

Fragment V 

A music video, 'Fragment V' by Library Tapes, directed by Sam Brewster. 

Pokie Eye Poke ya

Music video 'Pokie Eye Poke Ya' by Snack Family directed by Jordon Copeland.

Chilli Monologues 

A bunch of actors reciting Shakespeare whilst eating chilies. I upped my game and tried the Lady Macbeth with 2 chilies worth of dribble and heat.

Directed by the wonderful Rosie Collins. 

Lan Tianyang

A music video for musician, Lan Tianyang. 

Xuan to Blindness 

A teaser video for Rui Xu's performance at the Royal College of Art and Saatchi Gallery.